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The Most "Type-A" "Type-B" Person You'll Ever Meet

Jan. 1, 2019

About four summers ago, the Children's Ministry Intern at the time looked at me after only knowing me for 5 minutes and said, "Wow, you've got to be the most "type-A" "type-B" person I have ever met." I don't remember anymore what I said that sparked the comment or what I said to follow it up, but I do know that she hands down characterized me better in one sentence than some could do in a whole chapter.

I could let a stack of folded laundry sit on my desk until I have worn all of it and it gets washed all over again, but you better believe my planner is color-coded and meticulously laid out. I make charts with charts in them to organize my "2030 Plan" but in high school, I stabbed a pencil through my hand, and I said "eh" and kept taking notes. If three of my friends and I are going through the same situation, I will personally have three or four personal crises over how to handle it but will simultaneously give the best advice to others who are going through it. If only I could listen to myself...

I have a passion for working with teenagers-- I love pretending like being teased mercilessly by high schoolers and being made to wear funny hats by middle schoolers bothers me because that kind of laughter shows me the voice of God. Some of the best memories of my life revolve around tiny humans giving the best hugs on hard days without even knowing what they're doing or randomly playing tag with them through the halls of the church even though I'm the adult and I'm supposed to say no running. Sometimes rules are simply made for breaking… there's my type-B again.

My Daddy was a Preacher, so naturally, I have to do my part showing the other preachers kids (when they get old enough) how to get to the attic above the sanctuary. He's the one that taught me because he believed some rules are simply made for breaking too. My mom, on the other hand, gave me my type-A. I have her to thank for the multitudes of children and youth that jokingly call me mom because I make them text me when they get where they're going safely, and gasp when they trip and fall. Type-A gets a bad rap sometimes, but I couldn't take care of people as well if I didn't go to college with a fully stocked first-aid kit and spreadsheet on the computer that tells me exactly what I have and when I need to replace it.

I've got a lot to say because I am head over heels in love with the things I learn from others and the help and love I can show them in return. I like to listen, but I talk a lot. I have a good heart, but sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble. I believe in a world filled with beautiful chaos. Not in an "everything happens for a reason" kind of way but in a "life is messy, so be it" kind of way. There is a lot of wonder and beauty in the biggest messes in our lives, and that's what I want to highlight. I think we all need to find a little bit of beautiful in our daily chaos.


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