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My {New} Old Kentucky Home

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

June 5, 2019

A year ago this month I came home from a Wonderful Wednesday, fell to my knees, and prayed "Here am I Lord, send me" for the first time. Sunday, I was welcomed with open arms to a new church in a new city in a new state after months of anticipation and excitement. Over the last year I have been blessed with the love, hugs, and laughter of Tiny Humans that I have watched grow up. I'll be honest it was strange not being at the church that raised me up to be the woman that had the courage to drive herself to Kentucky for 9 weeks; but it was a wonderful kind of strange.

Sunday, I dove in head first without looking back into the deep end of an adventure I'm still amazed I'm taking. Between learning not to park under the blackberry bushes the hard way, meeting the Tiny Humans, being introduced to the whole church, and a baby shower for a friend I'm so blessed to be reunited with for the summer, you could say it was an exhausting day. I wouldn't though. I would say it was filled with beautiful chaos.

When I was commissioned, I was told to "Go in Peace to Love and Serve". There is no peace like reflecting on a day in which you've done something that brings you pure joy, and I've already fallen in love with these kiddos and these people. I don't know if I would say I've served them yet because they have been so busy welcoming myself and the other interns into their hearts with open arms I haven't had the chance. Have no fear though, SRBC peeps, Flat Jesus is with me and is already a beloved member of our team. With that reminder, I will go every day into my new community and spread love and kindness just like Jesus would.

As for me now, I'm going to keep doing this thing that I love; teaching Sunday school, planning children's sermons, loving on babies of all ages, and being more excited for VBS than the Tiny Humans are. (Oh yeah, CHBC does a science rotation during VBS so you can believe I'm all over that and hoping to bring that tradition back home with me.)

While there hasn't been a day that's gone by that I haven't missed my ATL peeps, it isn't because I'm homesick, it's because the joy I feel every day ministering to my new found friends here in Kentucky was planted in my heart and nourished by you all. I wouldn't be here today without your love and support and prayers, and I ask that you keep sending them as I eagerly move forward into the rest of the summer.

I'll have more later as the beautiful chaos continues, but for now enjoy these pictures from my first few days in My {New} Old Kentucky Home.


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